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Culturama 2008 Hits (2008 Jingle)
(Obi's top 20 hits, if you disagree with my rankings email me)
Thanks to Delison aka Xman for providing some of the tunes and insisting that I put the top 20 together :)

1 Inspirer Yes We Can (Kaiso Monarch)
Odisi De Ironband Jam (Roadmarch tied)
3 Dis N Dat Jackass In De House
4 Kassanova (Xman) Stamp Out De Violence
5 Odisi  Tattoo
Ultimate Love Ultimate (Roadmarch tied)
7 Dis N Dat  De Carnival Message (SKB Carnival)
8 Little Lenny  Pray For De Youth
9 Baker (2nd Runner up)  Iron Band
10 Ultra Sonics Hands in De Air
11 Kassanova Put Your Back Into It
12 Dis N Dat Dr Daniel
13 Kassanova Road Call
14 Ginger Kaiso Government
15 Dis N Dat All Of A Sudden
16 Astro On De Platform
17 Ultimate Band Bobo Cane
18 Utra Sonics Tools Man
19 Inspirer De Country Moving On (Kaiso Monarch)
20 Chevi Gee Me More (Remake)
21 Chevi (Special mention for historical purposes) Maria (Remake)
22 Chevi (Special mention for historical purposes) Rastaman (Remake)

Culturama 2007 Hits (2007 Jingle)
(Obi's top 20 hits, if you disagree with my rankings email me)

1 Ultra Sonics Juicy Ladies
2 Odisi De Engine
3 Ultra Sonics Searching
4 Dis N Dat (2007 Kaiso monarch)  In De Sunshine
5 Astro Dog Fight
6 Ginger No More Mr. Nice Guy
7 Odisi Hand in de air
8 Ultra Sonics Double Bubble (Road March 2007)
9 Odisi Talk
10 Ginger What is Culture (remake)
11 Dis N Dat De Rebuttal
11 Ginger Island Talk
12 Kassanova (X-man) Dat nar go work
13 Hollywood Somebody drop the Ball
14 Astro Calypso Prostitute
15 Dis N Dat One Coco
16 Kassanova (X-man) Vibrate
17 Odisi Run de road
18 Kassanova (Xman) Do that thing to you
19 Ultra Sonics Coming Harder
20 Odisi Caribbean Girls

Culturama 2006 Hits (2006 Jingle)
(Obi's top 21 hits, if you disagree with my rankings email me)

1 Dis N Dat Nevis Naturally
2 Ginger De King in De water
3 Kassanova (Xman) Hooked
4 Odisi  Fallen Friends
5 Kassonova (Sweets) I just can't wait
6 Adowah (Click for a write up on Adowah) Construction Jam
7 Odisi Can't do it like we (Road March 2006)
8 De Pharmacist (Rohan Claxton) Pepperpot
9 Kassanova (Garlic) Sprat
10 Kassanova (Xman) Bass Line
11 Xtra Band See Dat
12 Dis N dat Leave de Kaiso up to me
13 De Pharmacist (Rohan Claxton) Inject Me
14 Dis N Dat OECS Integration
15 Odisi Culturama Girls
16 Siah (Kittitian kaisonian) Ah coming
17 Kassanova (Xman) Crazy Love
18 Odisi Bazodee
19 Odisi Only You
20 Xtra Band West Indian Women
21 Odisi Band Festival Time


Culturama 2005 Hits (2005 Jingle)

Ultra Sonics Sun or Rain (Road March 2005)
Kassanova More Pep
Ultra Sonics Werk
Meeko Calypsonian's wish
Kassanova So Tired
Adowah  (Click for a write up on Adowah) Work Hard
Astro Justice System
Odisi Still Trampin
Odisi Lego De Brakes
Dis N Dat When You Time Come
Meeko Ship of Fools
Ultra Sonics More Honey
Dis N Dat De Clarion Call
Astro Me Culturama
Kassanova Tek Warning
Adowah  (Click for a write up on Adowah)

Take My Warning


Culturama 2004 Hits (2004 Jingle)

Meeko In Times Like These

Code Red (Road March 2004)

Ultra Sonics Swinging Time
Kassanova Boomsy Hopping
Ultra Sonics The Way We Jam
Ginger Can't Be Shocked
Kassanova Just For You
Dis N Dat Not Dis Time
Odisi Band Squeeze Dem Up
Chaplet Our Country's Name
Ultra Sonics Marshall Arts
Meeko Celebration
Dis N Dat De Real Backbone
Ginger Sagaboy
Odisi Band Bounce Up
Ultra Sonics The Way You Groove
Dis N Dat Welcome
Odisi Band Celebration Time
Kassanova Look Pon Trouble
Dis N Dat Ultra Special


Culturama 2003 Hits (2003 Jingle)

Ultra Sonics Sponge Bob (Road March 2003)
Ultra Sonics Honey Man
Ultra Sonics Black Power
Ultra Sonics Life Must Go On


Kassanova Call We Name
Kassanova Alive (remake)
Kassanova Wet
Kassanova Lamp Shape
Kassanova I Miss You
King Meeko Come Back To Sing
King Meeko Prayer For The World
BQE Whose U Daddy
BQE Taking Back
BQE Wuk Song PT II
BQE 2003 Impressions
Odisi Sprat Water Man
Odisi De Gyal Dem
Joe Joe Christopher & Neville
Dis N Dat De Confession
Dis N Dat Wha Happen to Dat
Astro Tribute to Tunda
Astro *True Patriot*


Past Road Marches

Do you remember the Road Marches for the years missing? Then send me an email with the name of the song, artists and year to

 African girl  Chaplet 1980
 Ley we Go  Sandopy 1981
 Jam Bouncer  Binghi 1987
 Fat People Party  Chaplet 1992
 Caution  Dis N Dat 1994
 F U  Chaplet 1996
  Ley dem Come  Mighty Fin 1997
  Big Bamboo  Kassanova 1998
Culturama 25  Sweetes 1999
Who's that girl  Kassanova  2000
Saddle up and ride  Kassanova  2001
  Big Banana  Ultra Sonics 2002
*Sponge Bob*  Ultra Sonics 2003
Code Red  Kassanova 2004
Sun or Rain  Ultra Sonics 2005
Can't do it like we  Odisi 2006
Double Bubble Ultra Sonics 2007
De Iron Jam & Love Ultimate Ultimate Band 2008

Patriotic Kaisos

Nevis Nice Meeko 1995
Sovereignty  Dis N Dat 1998
Nevis Naturally Dis N Dat 2006
Let We Go Chaplet 1994
Pulling Away (live) Dis N Dat 2003
Take De Que Dis N Dat 1995
Right History Ginger 1980
Neville & Christopher Joe Joe 2003
Olive Branch Dis N Dat 1999
Hold On  Dis N Dat 2000
Let Them Know  Chevi 1980s
Queen City we Love you I.C's Brass 1981

Oldie Goldies

Nick Names Sandopy 1982
African Girl Chaplet 1980
Fredrica Chubby 1980s
Criteria Dis N Dat 1980s
Going on Bad Pharoh 1980s
String Band Sandopy 1980s
Culturama great  Meeko 1980s

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